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You can buy one of our gift vouchers, for any amount between £10 and £5,000 from any one of our stores. Our gift vouchers come with a stylish branded gift envelope making it the perfect gift with no wrapping required!

You can use your dwell gift voucher in any dwell store or through our orderline 0345 675 9090. Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be used whole or a part allowing you to make multiple purchases if you prefer.

Q) Where can I buy a dwell gift voucher?

You can buy a gift voucher at any dwell store.

Q) How long can I keep my gift voucher?

Your voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Q) Can I use my dwell gift voucher as part payment?

Yes! If you’re planning on buying a lot you can top up the remainder of the balance with cash or card.

Q)I already have a dwell gift voucher but I'm not sure how much it's worth

To find out what's left to spend on your voucher, just call our customer care team on 0345 675 9090 who will be able to tell you the outstanding value of your voucher.

Q) How do I use my dwell gift voucher in-store?

Simply present your voucher when making a purchase or placing an order.

Q) How do I use my dwell gift voucher via the orderline?

All you need to do is call our orderline on 0345 675 9090 (this is free of charge) and quote your gift voucher number when making the payment.

Q) How do I use my dwell gift voucher online?

We're really sorry, currently we can't take vouchers online,(we're working on this) however you can use your voucher in any store or over the phone.

Q) Is there a maximum value I can buy?

You can buy any vouchers between £10 and £5,000

Q) What do I do if I loose my voucher? (or if the dog eats it)

Simply call our customer care team on 0345 675 9090 who will cancel the old voucher and resend you a new voucher for any unspent amount.

Q) What if the voucher was a gift from someone else?

Well done on having friends or family with great taste! However you will have to ask the person who gave you the gift to contact our customer care team on 0345 675 9090 to process a replacement voucher for any outstanding amount.

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