How to Create a Multifunctional Dining Space in the Home

With homes becoming more multifunctional than ever before, we’re taking a look at how to get the best use out of your dining space. From teaching the kids to needing a more permanent home office space, we’ll show you how to make your dining room work for you - no matter its size, layout or position within your home. By considering layout and choosing functional yet stylish furniture, you can use your dining room for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

How to Create a Flexible Home Office

Many of us don’t have the luxury of a spare bedroom or dedicated home office within our homes and spent hours working from our dining tables during lockdown. If you’ve realised that working from home is going to be a more permanent part of your life, you might want to think about making your dining room a multifunctional space that can adapt to your needs as and when desired.

There are several ways to use your dining room as an office. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space, it might be time to invest in a desk. However, rather than choosing for functionality alone, consider a more solid design that's in keeping with the overall look and feel of your dining room. A bureau or a console table is a great addition as work can easily be stowed away at the end of the day, while having drawers and foldable sections make it easier to switch off and forget about work. It also means it won’t take you ages to move your devices if you have last minute guests popping around for dinner.

For those of us tight on space, there’s nothing wrong with working on your dining table, but you might want to consider zoning the space to create a more motivational and office-like environment. Pop a cosy table lamp on your desk, ideal for darker afternoons and perfect for helping to focus the mind on tasks, and opt for a bookshelf behind your dining chair to store your papers and folders away at the end of the day.

Finally, don’t forget to think carefully about your chair choice. It’s essential that you’re comfortable at your desk and maintain good body posture throughout the day. Opt for dining chairs with arms to avoid having a dreaded office chair in your home, and don’t choose a dining table bench! The comfortable design of dining chairs with arms are ideal for resting throughout the day and will prevent you from dropping your shoulders during online meetings, which can lead to back and shoulder pain.

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Zone your Spaces

If you live in an open-plan home, then it’s important to effectively zone your work, dining and relaxation spaces. Keep your room cohesive by sticking to a shared colour palette throughout and use rugs, furniture, lighting and contrasting textures to break up the different parts of your room. Consider a bookshelf that can be used instead of a wall to separate the spaces, and add a beautifully textured rug under your table to create a distinctive dining space. Think about adding pendant lights above your dining table, perfect for setting the mood in the evening. Adding various lighting solutions within your open-plan room will help to separate areas; a floor lamp next to a sofa or armchair will help to create a cosy, intimate setting perfect for unwinding in the evening.

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How to Create a Tidy Dining Space with Storage

Storage is often overlooked in the dining room. We’ve already addressed the need for a bookcase if you’re using your dining table to work from home, but storage should also be considered even if you don't as having suitable storage makes entertaining a whole lot easier. From sideboards to drinks cabinets, being able to store glassware, cutlery, napkins and candles will make laying a table and serving guests that little bit easier. Take a look at some of our favourite storage solutions here.

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Transforming the Dining Room from a Family Space into a Spot to Entertain

An extendable dining table is great for those who love to entertain, and allows for more living space when compacted down making them ideal for daily family meals. Opting for an extendable design means you can easily change up your space and allow for more guests to join for dinner parties, family gatherings and Christmas, too. It's a design we couldn't live without as the flexibility means you don’t have to have a large dining table taking up space year round, and can adapt it to suit your needs.

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