About Us

Those who know, dwell.

There’s a particular type of pleasure

we get from a compliment.

A flicker of pride.

It just makes us feel good.

We’re simple creatures like that.

Everyone likes a kind remark about their new haircut.

But they didn’t cut it themselves.

That delicate feathering and precision clipper work

has been done by a pro..

You can tell.

A knowledgeable crafts person with

a keen eye for style and years of experience.

But you’ll take it.

The credit, that is.

Because you chose them to do the job.

Same goes with that Moroccan rug

your dinner guests gush over.

It always gets a mention.

“Ooh, where’d you get that?”

And that familiar pang of pride steps up to the plate.

You’ve always been recognized as someone with taste.

Lauded as a connoisseur.

An interesting and well-travelled adventurer.

You’re probably dripping with stories

of far-flung escapades.

They can tell.

Because of the rug.

They don’t know you got it from dwell.

But then again, you had the keen sense to go

to a renowned curator of exquisite, storied furnishings.

So you’ll take the compliment.

After all, you chose it.

  • our history
  • Who we are

    dwell was founded in 2003 by design enthusiast Aamir Ahmad.

    He set out to solve the difficulty in finding designer-inspired furniture at affordable prices. Initially, dwell was created for urban dwellers who wanted pieces that made a statement in their living spaces, and could become a talking point with friends.

    Aamir understood his customers and their need for instant gratification. See it. Want it. Get it. Aamir and his team created a culture and customer experience that was design-led, celebrating individuality and creativity.

    dwell was acquired by British retail group DFS in 2014, who have preserved the design-led ethos that our customers love ever since.

  • What we do

    We take design seriously. Celebrate individuality. And think trends should be set, not just followed.

    But most of all, we're here to inspire you - curating the best pieces from across the globe to help you create a more interesting home.

    From feature furniture to standout accessories, dwell is the place for designer-inspired style at an affordable price. Curated by us, but shown off by you.

  • what we do
  • Delivered from stock in 7 days!

    We believe that you shouldn’t have to wait for great furniture to be delivered to your home, which is why many of our products are in stock in our warehouse, ready to be shipped out right away!

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