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Ethical Sourcing
dwell are committed to ethical sourcing and we ensure all our product suppliers treat their employees (whether permanent, temporary or migrant) fairly and with respect for their basic human rights.
We have long-standing relationships with many of our suppliers and these relationships not only ensure that we get the quality we expect; they also give us the satisfaction and surety that all employees are being well-treated.

All dwell suppliers are assessed against Ethical Standards and Quality Procedures. This assessment includes our minimum expectations on pay, working hours and workers rights and an absolute ban on child labour and under age workers. We call this the dwell Code of Conduct and it consists of 8 critical failure points. A supplier must meet all of the critical failure points in order to start business with us. In some cases, we will even work with suppliers to improve both conditions for employees and quality as necessary.

dwell are also committed to sourcing sustainable materials and our products are created using wood which has been legally logged from sustainable forests. Where possible, we purchase FSC approved materials and products that contain FSC approved materials are highlighted throughout our website. Where we cannot purchase FSC approved materials we ensure that we know, with 100% clarity, that the materials do come from a sustainable source.

dwell Environment

We work hard to limit the amount of waste we send to landfill and we recycle all waste cardboard and metal at our distribution centre. We have a number of clearance stores where we can sell on damaged product instead of disposing of it.

We have our own fleet of delivery vans and lorries. They use the latest in computerised route planning to ensure any collections are made on the same trip and reduce the amount of fuel used. Each of the vehicles uses AdBlue™ technology which greatly reduces the release of CO2 emissions into the environment.